Electric violin effects chain

Electric violin effects chain

The effects chain, also known as « FX chain » is the succession of different effects put together in order to get the sound you want. The effects chain applies to every musical instrument for which you wish to add sound effects, including electric violin.

effect chain in violin

Chaîne d’effets via strymon.net

The effects chain can be reduced to only one effect, but can also amount to several dozens, organized in a precisely defined order (see our article « effects in electric violin »).

These effects can also be placed inside the same multi-effects processor, such as the BOSS GT-100 or the Line6 Helix Guitar Processor. They can also be added by plugging one after the other different unique effects pedals, such as the BOSS DS1 or the FULLTONE OCD.

violin amp

Ampli violon via colourbox.com

In the electric violin, we can consider that the effects chain is equivalent to the one used in the electric guitar. The difference resides in the choice of the different effects, especially when it comes to modulation and equalization.

In the case of the electric violin, the effects chain will be completed by a sound equipment (front speakers or specific amplifier).