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Helicore Octave strings set

104,40  87,00  exc. tax

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The Helicore Octave Violin Strings by D’Addario are made to be played one octave below traditional violin tuning. When tuned and at a full tension, your violin will have a cello or a baritone violin sound. These strings can expand your playing possibilities with their deep sound.

Helicore Octave strings are metallic and have a medium tension. They produce a clear and warm tone and have a great bow response.

The Helicore Octave strings set for 4/4 violin includes:

  • E string: aluminum over steel core
  • A string: Silver over steel core
  • D string: Tungsten-silver over steel core
  • G-string: Tungsten-silver over steel core

Be careful, due to thick width, some adaptations can be necessary on your violin especially regarding your bridge, nut and pegs. Contact us to know more.

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