The 3Dvarius


High-End Electric Violin

A unique, innovative and entirely transparent electric violin


Printed as a single piece, the 3Dvarius Electric Violin departs from traditional musical instrument production technology. This particularity ensures a perfect accuracy of the audio spectrum.

Its pickup uses one sound sensor per string in order to translate all sound frequencies. Its sound sensors, located under each string, were carefully selected to accurately translate the sound frequencies.

Its technology creates a powerful and clear sound. No pre-amplification is needed. So the violinist can decide by himself how he wants to transform the sound by using effects.

Personalization & Adaptation

The 3Dvarius was designed to facilitate the transition from a classical violin to the 3Dvarius. Entirely adaptable and customizable, the 3Dvarius can use dimensions of your classical violin.

Four personalization and adaptation options are available to create your Own 3Dvarius electric violin.

  • Give a name to your electric violin
  • Engrave your own text on the violin body
  • Based your 3Dvarius on your current classical violin (custom-made)
  • Select your favorite tuning pegs

Playing Comfort

The 3Dvarius was created in order to be the most simple as possible.

In order to offer a maximal playing comfort, its weight distribution was optimized to re-create the comfort of a classical violin.

Its innovative design was selected after many acoustic and weight distribution studies in order to satisfy professional violinists.

Made In France

The 3Dvarius is hand-crafted entirely in France to create a violin of perfect quality. It takes several hundred hours of painstaking work to get this transparent and refined design.

Our electric violins are Made In France. All our 3Dvarius are made and assembled in our beautiful city of Toulouse (Southern France). That’s why we can keep an eye every day on our production and control the quality of our electric violins.

Our electric violins are two-year guarantee.

The 3Dvarius


Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t want any engraving on the body of the 3Dvarius.

We can also 3D print a 3Dvarius without any engraving. Please contact us so that we can implement your request.

Can you engrave my logo on the 3D body of the 3Dvarius?

Yes, this is possible. However, you must provide us with a logo in vector file format (such as .ai or .eps) so that we can integrate it into our file.

Does the 3Dvarius come with a BTS pickup?

We used Barbera pickups in the past until we got the same sound quality on our X pickups. Now, all 3Dvarius come with our X pickup.

What strings do you put on the 3Dvarius? And how to replace them?

We no longer mention any particular brand of strings because we rely on our distributor’s restocking. We generally use Thomastik Vision or Thomastik Vision Solo for the 3Dvarius. But sometimes, we use D’Addario or Prim strings. All ball-end violin strings are compatible with our electric violins. Be sure to check out our tutorial on how to replace your strings. And you can read our feedback on the different sets of strings we have tried with our instruments.

I want a 3Dvarius that matches the dimensions of my classical violin. How can I do it?

We have a document that will help you measure your classical violin. You can download it here. We will use these measurements to recreate the 3D file of your 3Dvarius.

How do I clean my 3Dvarius?

Use a standard microfiber cloth to remove any rosin dust or other residues. Do not apply any chemicals to your instrument as this may damage the varnish that protects it.

What are the delivery times?

Production and delivery times for the 3Dvarius are an exception since they are printed piece by piece according to the needs and wishes of the violinist. Delivery times vary from continent to continent. It takes about 3 to 4 days in Europe via carrier, between 5 and 7 days when shipping to North America, and more than 7 days for other continents.

Is the bridge leaning, misplaced or tilted?

Please watch our tutorial video on how to properly straighten the bridge. Before you start, we recommend that you loosen the strings and apply a little bit of graphite pencil at the bottom of each slot maintaining the string aligned with the bridge. This will facilitate the straightening of the bridge and will keep your ropes from breaking.

Number of strings 4-string or 5-string
Body 3D-printed in one single piece
Bridge & Pickup Piezo-electric pickup using one sensor per string
Strings Ball-end strings for violin (Thomastik Vision)
Tuning pegs From guitars (chrome-plated or golden)
Personalized Options Give it a name
Engrave your own text
Select your tuning pegs
Dimensions 520 x 220 x 120 mm
Weight Approximately 520 g (4-string), approximately 560 g (5-string)
Accessories Hard violin case
Angle-jack cable
Shoulder rest
Silk cover

Customization options

Give It A Name

Personalize your 3Dvarius by giving it a name. This name will be engraved on the left side of the violin body.

Engrave Your Text

Write a personal message which will be engraved on the electric violin body. Your text will replace the French original message engraved on the violin body. For 4-string bodies, the original text is the definition of the music in French. For 5-string bodies, the original text is the Ptolemy’s intense diatonic scale created by Zarlino.
The number of letters is limited to 465 letters max including spaces for a 4-string, and 510 letters max including spaces for a 5-string.

Custom Made

The 3Dvarius was created to facilitate the transition from a classical violin to a 3Dvarius. In this sense, it’s possible to copy measurements from your classical violin on your 3Dvarius.
In fact, when you’re playing on your violin, these dimensions are unconscious points of reference for your mind. By copying them on your 3Dvarius, your hands and fingers will instinctively find their positions and you’ll feel the same playing comfort that on your classical violin. If you are selecting this option, we will send you a document explaining what measurements we need and how to measure them.

Adaptable dimensions list
  • Strings and bridge height
  • Neck length
  • Position of the left-hand support
  • Personalization Options for electric violins

Made on measure

Select Your Tuning Pegs

Choose the color of your tuning pegs and give a different style to your 3Dvarius. Selected tuning pegs influence also on the final weight of the 3Dvarius. Golden pegs reduce weight of 20 grams approximately.

The weight of the 3Dvarius is provided for information only. It can evolve because it depends on added personalizations and different making steps.

User Manual

How to base your 3Dvarius on your classical violin?

If you would base your 3Dvarius on your current classical violin, use this document to measure your acoustic violin. Measurements will be used to create your own 3Dvarius.

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