The Original 3Dvarius


The 3Dvarius is the new 4-string high-end concert electric violin created by 3D printing technology and based on the model of a real Stradivarius violin.

Printed as a single piece, the 3Dvarius violin departs from traditional musical instrument production technology. Combining the precision and power of 3D-printing with ancient violin-making skills, its innovative design, in the service of violinist, marks a further step toward the perfect symbiosis between musician and instrument.

The Original 3Dvarius is a 4-string electric violin. The 5-string version is available here.

  • 4-string
  • 3D-printed in one single piece to preserve the audio spectrum
  • Compatible with all shoulder rests of classical violins
  • Very light
  • Optimization and distribution of the violin weight
  • Precise and simplified tuning with the guitar tuning pegs
  • Excellent sound captor (Barbera bridge)
  • No pre-amp

Payment plans are available, please contact us. You can enroll in a payment plan with two or three installments.

Made in France

The 3Dvarius sound

This video uses pedalboards to create different sounds and loopers.

The ‘natural’ 3Dvarius sound can be heard in this musical duet.

The 3Dvarius features

The 3Dvarius has been created with the sole purpose of becoming one with its future violinist:

  • Its weight distribution is optimized, not to hinder the musician’s movements
  • The 3Dvarius is 3D printed in one single piece, all the sound signals travel freely in its body (no resonance loss in the joints)
  • It’s made with professional 3D printing technology, that ensures proper resistance to the string’s pressure
  • The Original 3Dvarius is based on a Stradivarius model. It can use any violin shoulder rests like the one that you use with your classical violin
  • It borrowed its tuning pegs from the best guitars to facilitate its tuning and limit its weight. The guitar tuning pegs aren’t placed in the head to reduce the weight
  • The quality of its sound sensor is so good that the 3Dvarius doesn’t use any preamp
  • Its jack cable is near to the bridge to avoid the radio disruptions and limit the signal travel time
  • The 3Dvarius is very light and the weight distribution is optimized to reduce the weight felt by the violinist
Dimensions60 x 30 x 60 cm
Number of strings




Violin size


Delivered with

Jack cable, strings, shoulder rest, violin case



Frequent questions

Do you have a left-handed 3Dvarius?

For the moment, the 3Dvarius isn’t adapted to left-handed person. But stay tuned, we hope to produce a left-handed version in the future!

Will the 3Dvarius with a 3D printed body sound any good?

The 3Dvarius sounds awesome. Its body is printed as a single piece, thus departing from traditional musical instrument production, giving it a very unique property : it allows for smooth, optimal sound-wave flow throughout the instrument, offering the violinist greater sound control.
If you have any doubts about how good the 3Dvarius sounds check out some musical videos. 😉

Can I pay in instalments my 3Dvarius?

Yes, you can pay in instalments. Please contact us to discuss about it.

Can I personalize my 3Dvarius?

Yes, we can modify few parts of the 3Dvarius. By example, we can adapt it to your classical violin in order to facilitate the transition from your classical violin to the 3Dvarius. Or it’s possible to engrave your name or nickname on the 3Dvarius body. These options are available and described in the Customized 3Dvarius.

Do you have a child model?

Currently, the 3Dvarius is only available in a 4/4 size. But we’re working on new sizes.

Do you have a 6-string 3Dvarius?

Today, the 3Dvarius is available in 4-string and 5-string version.

I have another question

Please send us your question, we will answer as soon as we can!
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