4-String & 5-String Electric Violin

The passion of each musician is revealed in his wish to experience of new musical horizons, to develop his playing abilities and to perpetually create.

The 3Dvarius team conceived the LINE Electric Violin for this purpose, in order to create an electric violin easy-to-handle.


Design & Shape

Inspired of the 3Dvarius design, the LINE was simplified for a perfect adaptation to its new material: wood. It is a mix of two kinds of wood: beech and sipo.

Its body is composed of these two woods organized in parallel lines, and oriented in the exact direction of the sound-waves running through the instrument when played.

Beech and sipo woods are selected with care, then precisely shaped, before their perfect assembly in order to get this particular aspect called ‘rayé-centré’ (stripe-centered).


The sound is the more important point of each musical instrument. It defines its soul, it is its core, it is the element which marks at once the instrumentalist and the public. For 3Dvarius, the emphasis is put on sound because each instrumentist should communicate his music with the best accuracy.

All the 3Dvarius experience and expertise were used to create the « S Pickup » which equips the LINE. It delivers a clear sound and free of parasites. Sound level can be adjusted with a button.


The feel of the instrument

The weight distribution was analyzed to improve the playing comfort, especially when the violinist plays for a long time.

To facilitate the handling, it was important to preserve the basic elements which define a violin. Thus the left-support was preserved so that the violinist recalls his playing sensations, especially in the height positions.

Many processes and treatments are necessary to insure a perfect resistance to the LINE, and the soft and pleasant feel of traditional violins.

Made In France

All our electric violins are make and assembled in our Occitanie region, France. Each instrument is crafted and verified from beginning to end by our team. They bring their expertise to control the final quality of each electric violin.

Our electric violins, including the LINE, are two-year guarantee.


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From: 999,00
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Important Note

The Line is available for preorder. The first deliveries will be done in April for 4-string, then in May for 5-string. Any preorder offers one nylon violin case. Your reservation may be cancelled at any time, in which case you will receive a full refund of your reservation payment.