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Vision Strings Set

46,80  39,00  exc. tax

2 in stock

This Vision strings set is made by Thomastik-Infeld for 4/4 electric or acoustic violin. This strings set includes:

  • E string: Tin-plated steel with removable ball
  • A string: Aluminum over synthetic core
  • D string: Silver over synthetic core
  • G string: Silver over synthetic core

All Vision strings are synthetic, with ball-end and have a medium gauge. They are designed with a synthetic core to insure a powerful sound. These strings are too very stable in intonation.

They are one of the most popular string choices for electric violinists. These strings are designed intentionally to bring a balanced response and tone to just about any violin.

Vision strings are very responsive which is a very important point for electric violinists. They create a brilliant and clear tone with great focus. They are resistant to climate and temperatures changes. These strings have a short break-in time and consistently clear pitch.

For acoustic violinists, the sound of Thomastik Vision strings is focussed, clear, open and brilliant. They can be mixed with almost any synthetic core string.

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