Frequent questions

Do you have a left-handed 3Dvarius?

The current 3Dvarius isn’t adapted to left-handed person. But stay tuned, we hope to produce a left-handed version in the future!

Do you sell the same 3Dvarius design?

Yes, we sell a 3Dvarius using the same design as the one that you can see on this website.

When will begin the crowdfunding project?

The 3Dvarius was available on Kickstarter between May and June 2016. Orders can be done now on our shop.

Will the 3Dvarius with a 3D printed body sound any good?

The 3Dvarius sounds awesome. Its body is printed as a single piece, thus departing from traditional musical instrument production, giving it a very unique property : it allows for smooth, optimal sound-wave flow throughout the instrument, offering the violinist greater sound control. If you have any doubts about how good the 3Dvarius sounds check out some musical videos. 😉

Can I pay in installments my 3Dvarius?

Yes, you can pay in installments. Please contact us to discuss about it.

Can I personalize my 3Dvarius ?

Yes, we can modify parts of the 3Dvarius model; by example, it’s possible to engrave your own text, give it your name or nickname, or select your parts (tuning pegs, bridge, etc.) We can also adapt it to your morphology, and base it on your own classical violin to facilitate the transition between your classical violin to the 3Dvarius. Please contact us to know more.

Do you have a child model?

Currently, the 3Dvarius is only available in a 4/4 size. But we’re working on new sizes.

Do you have a 5 and 6-string model?

Currently, the 3Dvarius is available in a 4-string and 5-string version. We’re working on new models.

I can't validate my credit card payment

It’s could be due to a limitation from your bank. Many banks limit the total amount that you can use immediately with your credit card. Please use the wire transfer method, or contact us to get a payment by installments.

Is the 3Dvarius guaranteed?

Of course, the 3Dvarius has a two-year guarantee.

I have another question

Please send us your question, we will answer as soon as we can!
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