Frequent Asked Questions

About our electric violins (customization, accessories, sound and more)

Do you have left-handed electric violins?

Our electric violins are not adapted to left-handed person.

Will the 3Dvarius with a 3D printed body sound any good?

The 3Dvarius sounds awesome. Its body is printed as a single piece, thus departing from traditional musical instrument production, giving it a very unique property: it allows for smooth, optimal sound-wave flow throughout the instrument, offering the violinist greater sound control. It is also equiped by a great pickup. If you have any doubts about how good the 3Dvarius sounds check out some musical videos. 😉

Can I personalize my electric violin?

Yes, we can personalize and adapt some parts of our electric violins like the 3Dvarius and the Equinox. At the contrary, the Original Line cannot be personalized.

For the Equinox, it’s possible to engrave your own text on the left and transparent part of the electric violin. You can also select color of few parts (tuning pegs, jack output, etc.) Some personalizations are available for the 3Dvarius. We can adapt it to your morphology, and base it on your own classical violin to facilitate the transition between your classical violin to your 3Dvarius.

Please contact us to know more.

Do you have child models?

Currently, our electric violins are only available in 4/4 size. They don’t exist in child versions (1/4, 1/2, 3/4).

Do you have a 5, 6 or 7-string models?

Currently, our electric violins are available in 4-string, 5-string and 6-string versions.

What are your delivery time?

Availabilities are noted on the electric violin respective web page. Careful, for a personalization, delivery time will be more important due to the making of customized parts. Delivery time for a 3Dvarius are usually around 3 weeks. The delivery time can evolve in function of selected options.

Where are made your electric violins?

All our electric violins are entirely made in France, and more precisely in our Occitanie region (Southern France).

What is the difference between S and X pickup?

They are not created by using the same making process and they don’t use same components. So their sound is different.
Violinists describe generally the S pickup sound as warmed, soft-toned and clear. Whereas the X pickup sound is described as more powerful, direct and pure.

Where can I try your electric violins?

We organize trying sessions during events in France and in other countries. During each one, violinists can come and try our electric violins. Let us your email to be informed when a trying session is closed to you.

Our electric violins are also available at some retailers.

About electric violin universes

What are the advantages of a 5-string electric violin?

A classical violin uses 4 strings. But some electric violins are available in 5-string versions. They are very popular on the US market. We add a low C string from viola, giving you the range of a violin and viola. What you gain is a very powerful and resonant sound increasing your playing possibilities.
We invite you to read this article explaining with more precision all advantages of a 5-string electric violin.

How to plug an electric violin?

We advise to use an angle-jack cable to plug our electric violins to a device. Then, it will depend of your config and different devices that you would use. No worry, it’s not complicated! We wrote an article to help violinist in this first step: How to plug an electric violin?

What kind of amplifiers do you recommend?

Of course, an amplifier is essential to use an electric instrument. The more important point is to select an amplifier which will answer to all your needs. You need to determine in what conditions you will play: interior (at home) vs exterior (in a band, or alone in the street). If you would practice at home, a 20-30 watts amplifier will be great. Otherwise, it’s hard to advise you because many parameters are important: style of music, number of instruments in your band, needed sound power, etc.

The most important point is to respect frequencies of your electric violin. All amplifiers don’t matched. We didn’t recommend to use an electric guitar amp. They are not great for electric violinists. Bass or acoustic amplifiers are better! We have a preference for Acus amps. Please read our article about electric violin amplifier.

Can I play with headphones?

Yes, it’s possible. But, you cannot plug our electric violins directly to headphones. You have to use a mini-amp, or an amp, or a multi-effects processor by example to be able to. All these devices have one headphones socket. Read our article about how to play your electric violin with headphones to know more.

Do the instruments make any sound acoustically?

Careful, do not compare acoustic violin VS electric violin. Electric violins don’t use a resonance box, and so you need an amp to listen them. We don’t create electric violins to replace acoustic violins. Of course, electric violins create a small sound without amplifier, and you can use it to tune your electric violin. But you cannot play for your audience without amplifier.

What effects pedal do you recommend?

It is possible to use effects processor (multi effects pedal) or a set of effect pedals by combining many small pedals.

We have a partnership with Hotone to offer effects adapted to electric violins. They are already integrated in their Hotone Ampero multi effects pedal. We sell it on our website.

It includes our effects adapted to electric violin/viola/cello frequencies. We recommend this model because it is already configured for electric violins (or violas). It is possible to duplicate and modify fx chains to create new ones. Hotone Ampero including these effects are only available on our website.

Many other brands exist, and they are also great! But none of them offer effects adapted to electric violins. In fact, these pedals are made for electric guitars. It is necessary to adjust parameters to get a great sound for electric violins.

If you prefer another effects pedal, be sure that your would be able to modify parameters. To know more, please read our article: which single effect pedal or effects processor for electric violins?

When I plug my electric violin, I can hear a bzzz. Is it defective?

A bzzz can be created by many parameters. To identify its origins, you have to test all devices of your config: effects pedals, cables, amp, looper, electric signal of your house, electric plugs, etc. If one of them has a problem, it will generate a ground loop and interferences may appear. We advise to replace cables one by one, test with/without effects pedals and/or amp (in this case, plug it to headphones), test in another environment, etc.

Please read our article: Deal with interference in the audio signal.


Can I pay in installments?

Yes, we accept payment in installments if it is for a 3Dvarius order. Please contact us to discuss about it.

I can't validate my credit card payment

It could be due to a limitation from your bank. Many banks limit the total amount that you can use immediately with your credit card. If you’re not able to use the secured credit card payment, please use Paypal, or contact us to pay by wire transfer.

Guarantee, transportation & import

Are your electric violins guaranteed?

Of course, all our electric violins have a two-year guarantee.

What happens if I need to import your electric violin?

If you live in the European Union, no fee cannot be added by your country. If you are not resident of the European Union, you will have few importation fees. Generally, customs will add VAT of your country and one percentage for importation based on the price of your instrument. Unfortunately, we cannot determine fees precisely because they are different for all countries. Please do some searches on Internet or contact customs to know more.

Can I get spare parts?

We insure after-sales service for any violins under warranty or not. Contact us by explaining your problem. And, we will get back to you with a solution.

How do you send electric violins?

Regarding transportation, don’t worry, we work with professional transporters and sign up for an insurance. It takes between 3 and 5 days of transportation in the UE and in North America. It can be more longer for others countries. Our music instruments are sent in their cases and carefully packed in a cardboard box.

Another question?

I have another question

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