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Towards the perfect music instrument

Our electric violins are inspired by the inedit 3Dvarius design. This design was congratulated by many experts.

The sound is the more important point. Our pickups used one sensor per string to ensure a perfect accuracy of the audio spectrum.

We combine best technologies with ancient violin-making skills to reach the ultimate symbiosis between the violinist and his electric violin.

Customization is essential in order to facilitate music instrument appropriation by its instrumentist.

The Sound of our Electric Violins


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Frequently asked questions

Can I personalize my electric violin?

We can personalize 3Dvarius and Equinox electric violins. It’s possible to engrave your own text. You can also choose parts color. The 3Dvarius can be based on your classical violin. More adaptations are available, contact us to know more.

What pickup do you use?

All our electric violins are equipped by piezoelectric pickups. They use one sensor per string in order to ensure a perfect accuracy of the audio spectrum. They do not need the use of preamp.

Where are made your electric violins?

All our electric violins are entirely made in France, and more precisely in our Occitanie region (Southern France). We choose carefully woods and cut to specific dimensions. Then, we finalize the shape of each instrument. Finally, we assemble all parts and realize a specific control quality.

What is the delivery time?

Electric violins availabilities are displayed on their web pages. If the electric violin is available, it will be delivered in few days. In case of personalization, delivery time is more longer due to making process of customized parts.