Classic Presets Collection for Ampero II Stomp

37,99  31,66  exc. tax

A core collection of 9 classic sounds for violins and violas. They can be used for all instrumental and acoustic sets. The presets use sometimes violin or viola IR files. These files are included in the presets collection. Works only with the Hotone Ampero II processor.

Classic Presets Collection for Ampero II Stomp

37,99  31,66  exc. tax

Frequent Asked Questions

What happens after payment and how do I get the presets?

You will get immediate access to download the presets set that you bought. You will be directed to the page where you can download them. Otherwise, if you look under the ‘My Account’ page and sign in, there will be a list of your orders. Click on the presets pack to begin downloading.

Can I use these presets on Mac OS and Windows?

Yes, the Ampero II Stomp software is available for PC and Mac OS. Please visit the Hotone website to download it.

Can I install these presets on another Hotone product?

No, the Ampero II is not using the same processor and software to manage presets than the Ampero One or the Ampero. These presets are working only with the Ampero II.

After downloading, I do not find preset files?

The presets files are in a zip archive. After downloading, you need to uncompress (unzip) downloaded files.

How to import presets into my Ampero II?

By using the Ampero II Stomp software. It is available freely on the Ampero II product web page on the Hotone website. Then, please read the PDF included with the presets to import them.

The presets are not compatible with my current Ampero II firmware

We are providing presets compatible with the last firmware of the Ampero II multi-effects processor. Please update its firmware by following Hotone’s advises.

Do you offer refunds for presets?

Presets are downloadable digital products. That’s why we do not offer refunds for these products.

Can I get a trial version of presets?

We do not offer trial versions.

Presets list

  • P01 – 1 3Dv Ahead
  • P01 – 2 3Dv Clean
  • P01 – 3 3Dv Wood (use IR1)
  • P02 – 1 3Dv Classic
  • P02 – 2 3Dv Viola (use IR2)
  • P02 – 3 3Dv Vln&Vla Duet (use IR1 and IR2)
  • P03 – 1 3Dv Just Pre-Amp
  • P03 – 2 3Dv Just Amps
  • P03 – 3 3Dv Just Smooth

IR files included

  • 3Dv IR1 Violin
  • 3Dv IR2 Viola

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