String Talks #1 – Jonathan H. Warren

Inside 3Dvarius

We are so happy and proud to present our new video podcast String Talks.

It’s an old idea that we had got a very long time… But, we never found the time to work on it. Successive French quarantine allowed us to launch the project. And here is the first String Talks!

String Talks is about international instrumentists coming from different music worlds. We let them express their opinions about different personal and musical subjects. For the moment, we focused violinists, but we’ll interview more musicians like cellists, violists, guitarists, etc.

The first String Talks was done with Jonathan H. Warren. We have to thank him for his availability and to accept to be our guinea pig for this first edition. Do not hesitate to follow him on Tik Tok and Instagram.

Tags: 3Dvarius, Ambassador, Line, string talks

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