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Sensicore Octaver Strings Set

102,00  85,00  exc. tax

Out of stock

The Super Sensitive company does not exist anymore. So these strings are not available on the international market. Currently, the only Octaver strings available for violin are the D’Addario Octave Helicore set.

When tuned and at a full tension, these Sensicore Octaver strings made by Super Sensitive are an octave lower than a regular set of violin strings. With a lower octave, these strings transform your violin in a cello or in a baritone violin.

All Sensicore strings are made on a synthetic core and offer a warm sound. They can be used on an electric or an acoustic violin. Their deep sound is remarkable with an electric violin!

The Sensicore Octaver strings set includes:

  • E string: Silver over steel core
  • A string: Silver over synthetic core
  • D string: Tungsten over synthetic core
  • G string: Nickel over synthetic core

Be careful, these strings have an important diameter. Their use can necessitate some modifications on your violin especially for the pegs, the bridge and the nut. Please contact us to know more.

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