The Equinox


Electric Violin

The Equinox electric violin is inspired of the 3Dvarius design. It is available from 4 to 7 strings.

With their solid ash bodies, the Equinox electric violins are built as highly performing instrument.

Its elegance will please soloists as well as electric quatuors. Its sound qualities can be appreciated in small venues as well as great concert halls.

The alliance of materials

Made in France with state of the art technology, the Equinox body is the perfect harmony of many materials.

Inspired of the 3Dvarius design, its body was redesigned for a singular wood adaptation.

The Equinox body is a one single piece of wood. It is composed of one wood: ash. It is a hard and light colored wood.

The head, the left hand-support, the shoulder rest support, and its half sounding board are made by the 3D-printing technology. The shafts of the shoulder rest support and tuning pegs are in brushed aluminum.


Its central wood body is created in one single piece. This particularity ensures a perfect accuracy of the audio spectrum. It allows for smooth, optimal sound-wave flow throughout the instrument.

The Equinox is equipped by the « X Pickup » created by 3Dvarius. It delivers a powerful sound, free of parasites and preventing feedback. This sound precision simplifies the utilization and the setup of effects like the wah-wah and the distorsion, in order to liberate the musician creativity.


The half sounding board of Equinox are made by the 3D-printing technology. It is possible to customize it and so, engrave your own text.
As example, the opposite photography represents the personalized half sounding board of Daniela Padrón’s Equinox. She chose to engrave keywords representing her music and her lifestyle. Her first and last name are also engraved at the bottom of the 3D-printed piece.

You can also customize the color of tuning pegs, jack output and volume control.

A special customization service is available for Equinox electric violins. Please visit our Custom Shop to know more.

Made In France

Our electric violins are Made In France.

All our electric violins are made and assembled in our city of Toulouse (Southern France). We can keep an eye every day on our production and control the quality of each electric violin.

Our electric violins, including the Equinox, are two-year guarantee.

The Equinox


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you custom paint an Equinox?

Yes, we can. Please visit our Custom Shop to know more.

I want to customize the 3D part of my Equinox but the character limit is not enough for the text I’ve chosen.

The customizable 3D part of the Equinox allows the use of 210 characters including spaces. If we insert any more characters, your text will be difficult to read simply because it will be too small. That’s why we limit the number of characters to 210 including spaces.

Can you engrave my logo on the 3D part of the Equinox?

Yes, this is possible. However, you must provide us with a logo in vector file format (such as .ai or .eps) so that we can integrate it into our file. We recommend to visit our Custom Shop.

Can I use a harness with the Equinox?

We have designed a harness system that can be used on the Equinox. Please contact us for more details.

How do I clean my Equinox?

Use a standard microfiber cloth to remove any rosin dust or other residues. Do not apply any chemicals to your instrument as this may damage the varnish that protects it.

What strings do you put on the Equinox? And how to replace them?

We no longer mention any particular brand of strings because we rely on our distributor’s restocking. We generally use Thomastik, D’Addario or Prim strings. All ball-end violin strings are compatible with our electric violins. Be sure to check out our tutorial on how to replace your strings. And you can read our feedback on the different sets of strings we have tried with our instruments.

Is the bridge leaning, misplaced or tilted?

Please watch our tutorial video on how to properly straighten the bridge. Before you start, we recommend that you loosen the strings and apply a little bit of graphite pencil at the bottom of each slot maintaining the string aligned with the bridge. This will facilitate the straightening of the bridge and will keep your ropes from breaking.

What are the delivery times?

Unless there is a particular indication on the page, the electric violin is available in our stock and ready to leave our premises. Delivery times vary from continent to continent. It takes about 3 to 4 days in Europe via carrier, between 5 and 7 days when shipping to North America, and more than 7 days for other continents.
Production and delivery times for the 3Dvarius or for a personalized violin are an exception since we have to make special pieces according to the needs and wishes of the violinist.

Is there a left-handed Equinox?

Our violins are not adapted for left-handed people.

My electric violin is not exactly the same than on your pictures

Our electric violins are available for many years now. Like any luthier and maker, we are improving each violin model every year by replacing some material, trying new paints and finishes, etc. The wood color can be different too because it is not possible to get everytime the same color.

Guillaume Mocquot 🇫🇷

I am very satisfied with my Equinox. The sound is very pleasant and you can easily find your bearings even if you are used to the classical violin. This is a high quality electric violin on which I enjoy playing all musical styles!

Daniela Padrón 🇺🇸 🇻🇪

I fell in love with the design but when I heard the sound I knew the Equinox would be the chosen one! ❤️

Yves Viguier 🇫🇷

I have a 4-string and I really enjoy playing this electric violin. It is so light compared to my previous one!

All the reviews on our site come from verified buyers who play one or more of our electric violins. Some reviews were translated from violinist native language to relevant language in order to ensure your understanding.

Number of strings 4-string, 5-string, 6-string or 7-string
Body In one single piece using ash
Connector & control Volume control (chrome-plated or black)
Passive jack output (chrome-plated or black)
Bridge X Pickup by 3Dvarius
Pickup Piezo-electric pickup using one sensor per string
Strings Ball-end strings for violin
Tuning pegs From guitars (chrome-plated or black)
Personalized Options Engrave your own text on the left part
Select the color of your parts (tuning pegs, jack output and volume control)
Customization service available on the Custom Shop
Dimensions 520 x 220 x 120 mm
Weight Approximately 500 g (4-string), approximately 540 g (5-string), approximately 640 g (6-string), approximately 670 g (7-string)
Accessory in option 3Dvarius violin case


Add Your Personalized Text

Select your favorite text or write a personal message which will be engraved on the left violin part.
Your text will replace the French original one. It is the definition in French of the music harmony.
The number of letters is limited to 210 letters max including spaces.
Customization of one 3D-printed part involves creation and 3D-printing in function of your wishes. So, delivery time will be delayed of few weeks.

Which Color Do You Prefer?

You can select one color for:

  • Tuning pegs
  • The jack output
  • The volume control

Colors available: chrome-plated or black.

Special Customization

You would create your own Equinox electric violin and have different wishes regarding color, finish and options. Please visit our Custom Shop to fill the customization form.

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