Matt Bell from Electric Violin Shop visited us!

Inside 3Dvarius

Last week, we received Matt Bell, American violinist, he works for Electric Violin Shop, one of our retailer in the United States. Matt advises many worldwide violinists through his videos and Facebook lives about electric violins.

He crossed Atlantic to discover how are made our electric violins in France. As well as discovering our making processes, we invite him to visit our region and its famous places like the Cité of Carcassonne (medieval castle) and some French specialties like Roquefort cheese, the ‘aligot’, the ‘foie gras’ and more.

Matt stayed 3 days with us. It allows us to show him the 3D-printing process of our 3Dvarius and also the making of wood bodies for Line and Equinox.

Below and above, one video and few pics of different activities and landscapes that he saw!

Special thanks to Aurélien and Guillaume from PFT Bois Occitanie, Franck, Maryse and Roquefort Société team, and the Occitanie Region.

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