3DStep Event


The 3Dvarius team will be in Tampere, Finland to present the 3Dvarius during the 3DSTEP event from October 4 to 5.


The 3DSTEP event is the most important 3D-printing event in Scandinavia and a lot of workshops and conferences are scheduled about the latest innovations and practices from the field of Additive Manufacturing.

Of course, Laurent will play few songs and the team will present the entire 3Dvarius project. Moreover a music workshop is scheduled on October 5th, see below its presentation:

5.10 järjestetään musiikkiteknologian työpaja, jonka aiheena on improvisaatio ja pedaalilautojen käyttö. Menetelmään pääsee tutustumaan mm. tämän videon kautta.

Työpajaan osallistujat pääsevät tutustumaan myös 3DVarius sähköviuluun, sen kehitykseen ja ominaisuuksiin. Työpajan kesto on 2 tuntia.

What? You don’t understand Finnish. Ok, Google helps us also to translate this paragraph 😉

The music workshop will be done on October 5th about violin improvisation and how to use pedal boards. Every violinist will be invited to try the 3Dvarius and participate to this masterclass.

Many thanks to Pekka and Vesa for their work 🙂 and see you there!