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The Colored Line

From 1299,00 

Electric violins using 4, 5 or 6 strings

The Line Colored range is composed by electric violins using 4, 5 or 6 strings. They have the same specifications than the Original Line but with the particularity to have a colored wood violin body.


Like the Original Line, the Colored Line are equipped with our “S Pickup”. This pickup uses one sensor per string for a perfect and accurate retranscription of the sound.

The delivered sound is clear and warmed, without interference.

Design of the instrument

The Original and Colored Line range was imagined for an optimum playing comfort. The instrument balance was made to limit the violinist. The weight distribution is oriented to the bottom of the music instrument. This violin part is leaned on the shoulder rest which limits arm, wrist and hand pains.

All Colored Line are made in one single piece of wood. We use ash and walnut according to the wood availability.

Colors & Customization

The Line Colored body is available in 3 colors with a bright finish: white, black or red. It’s possible to select another color. In this case, please select the “Other Color” option in the Order tab. We will contact you to define together the color code that you would.

You can also select the tuning pegs color. They are available in a chrome-plated or black finish. The selected color will be applied to pegs and other colored parts of the violin (jack output, volume button, etc.) Golden pegs are available on order, please contact us to know more.

Strap System

The Colored Line can use a strap system in order to “fix” the electric violin on your shoulder with the help of a guitar strap. The shoulder rest support integrates two fastenings to use the strap.

This system simplifies the violinist movements on stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the S pickup produce a good-quality sound?

The S pickup features one sensor per string which makes it extremely responsive as well as powerful enough to avoid having to use a preamp. The difference with the X pickup is in the sensitivity of its sensors.

Is it possible to customize a Line?

Please contact us by using our contact form and explain us what you would like.

How do I clean my Line?

Use a standard microfiber cloth to remove any rosin dust or other residues. Do not apply any chemicals to your instrument as this may damage the varnish that protects it.

What strings do you put on the Line? And how to replace them?

We no longer mention any particular brand of strings because we rely on our distributor’s restocking. We generally use Thomastik, D’Addario or Prim strings. All ball-end violin strings are compatible with our electric violins. Be sure to check out our tutorial on how to replace your strings. And you can read our feedback on the different sets of strings we have tried with our instruments.

Is the bridge leaning, misplaced or tilted?

Please watch our tutorial video on how to properly straighten the bridge. Before you start, we recommend that you loosen the strings and apply a little bit of graphite pencil at the bottom of each slot maintaining the string aligned with the bridge. This will facilitate the straightening of the bridge and will keep your ropes from breaking.

What are the delivery times?

Generally, the Original Line can be send very quickly. For the Colored Line, we have to finalize your Line Colored following your color choice. It could take between 2 and 5 weeks depending on our current production.

Delivery times vary from continent to continent. It takes about 3 to 4 days in Europe via carrier, between 5 and 7 days when shipping to North America, and more than 7 days for other continents.

Is there a left-handed Line?

Our violins are not adapted for left-handed people.

My electric violin is not exactly the same than on your pictures

Our electric violins are available for many years now. Like any luthier and maker, we are improving each violin model every year by replacing some material, trying new paints and finishes, new shapes, etc. The wood color can be different too because it is not possible to get everytime the same color.

Number of strings 4-string, 5-string or 6-string
Body Painted walnut or ash
Bridge S Pickup by 3Dvarius
Pickup Piezo-electric pickup using one sensor per string
Strings Ball-end strings for violin
Tuning pegs From guitars (chrome-plated)
Connector & control Volume control (black)
Passive jack output (black)
Dimensions 520 x 220 x 120 mm
Weight Approximately 500 g (4-string), approximately 540 g (5-string), approximately 640 g (6-string)
Included Accessories Soft violin case
Advises Use of an angle-jack cable to plug the violin
Personalization Please contact us if you would something specific.



The body of Colored ranges are available in white, black or red. We are offering a customization color option, so you can select the color of your choice. In this case, please use the “Other color” option in the Order tab. We will get back to you to select the relevant color code. You can also write us to share your customization wishes.

3Dvarius Electric violins

Tuning Pegs Color

The pegs are available in a black or chrome-plated finish. We can get them in a golden finish on order only. Please contact us.


We are offering a strap system on our electric violins. The violin is “fixed” on your shoulder with the help of a guitar strap. This system allows a freedom of movements to explore new possibilities such as playing another music instrument or singing.
electric violin with a strap system

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