Shop our wide selection of violin, cello, viola and bass bows. Each bow model suits the performance and preferences needs of each player. You will undoubtedly find the bow that suits your music style. Select among carbon bows for beginners or professionals.

FAQ about bows

Carbon fiber bows have been extremely popular among violinists and cellists for decades. They are designed to meet the very specific needs of instrumentalists. Some bows meet the needs of classical violinists or violists, while others are aimed at beginners just learning bowing movements.

A bow must evolve according to the progress and needs of a musician. Carbon fiber bows also have the huge advantage of being reliable in all conditions. They are insensitive to temperature changes and weather conditions.

A bow is an indispensable object for playing bowed string instruments such as violins, violas or cellos. It is a stick of wood or carbon fiber on which is fixed a strand of hair.

The feeling of the musician is the first characteristic. For this, you have to evaluate several points:

  • the sound produced
  • the maneuverability
  • the weight and balance
  • the stiffness or flexibility
  • the material of manufacture
  • the quality of the strand

Obviously! The bow is essential to produce sound. Its manufacture will make it comfortable or uncomfortable for the player. Remember that a bow is an extension of your body to play the musical instrument. If you are not comfortable with it, the quality of the sound produced will be poor.

The choice of a bow depends on your level and your needs. The bows we offer are defined according to the level of the instrumentalist, the style of music and the characteristics.
To get started in the electric violin, the Diamond NX or the Diamond GX are a very good choice. They are suitable for any type of music and can be used with an electric or acoustic instrument.

If you play an electric violin with more than 4 strings, we highly recommend the Joule. It is specially designed to vibrate additional strings with a larger diameter.

For a pure classical violinist or cellist, the Marquise GS is the ultimate choice. It is a high-end model modeled on traditional bows.

Finally, for players looking for something light and very manageable, the Luma or the Escent are the right alternative.