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Hotone Soul Press II

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The expression pedal Hotone Soul Press II is a next-gen product. It is an active 4-in-1 pedal: volume, wah, volume/wah and expression pedal.

It offers different sound adjustments. The Q value adjustment (wah effect management) and the TONE mode selection (tone management) give a wider tone selection from soothing moods to some wild roars provided by a raging wah effect.

The reimagined pedal size maintains portability while delivering an optimal ergonomic experience. It has a larger contact surface providing a better overall ergonomic experience. Its textured surface is sturdy and slip-resistant. The pedal position indicator shows the pedal position in real time.

Soul Press II is a truly versatile wah/expression pedal.

Brand & Model Hotone Soul Press II
Type Active expression pedal
Modes 4 modes: volume, wah, volume/wah, expression
Input 1 x 6,3 mm mono jack
Outputs 1 x output 6,3 mm mono jack
1 x Tuner out 6,3 mm mono jack
1 x EXP output 6,3 mm mono jack
Effects adjustments Q knob (wah tone control)
Tone switch (warm or classic)
Footswitch Effect Bypass
Power Power supply with a 9V battery or a 9V DC mains adapter (not included)
Dimensions 81 x 162 x 51 mm
Weight 500 g
Matching accessories Ampero II Stomp

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