Pre order the 3Dvarius 5 (5-string)

3Dvarius 5

We’re very proud to present our new product : the 3Dvarius 5 (5-string).

EDIT: The 3Dvarius 5 (5-string) is officially available on our website. 🙂

The 3Dvarius 5 (5-string) will be available mid 2017. You can already reserve one and secure the priority for taking delivery of your 3Dvarius 5.

The 3Dvarius 5 keeps all advantages of the 3Dvarius:

  • Great Sound
  • Playing comfort
  • Optimization of the weight distribution
  • Innovative design
  • Very comfortable
  • Etc.

The C string, that we can find on violas, is added to the 4 previous strings to increase your musical repertory. You can play more music universes and so musical possibilities are strongly increased.