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This section lists many articles about music universe, history and utility rosin, or differences between bowed string instruments.

What are the differences between a violin and a viola?

The violin and viola are both part of the bowed string instrument family, along with the cello and the double bass. They have few similarities. But, in fact, they are really different in terms of size, weight, playing style, sound and more.

The pains of the violinist and the violist

Playing the violin requires a lot of effort and diligence. These years of practice are filled with pains and injuries that will slow down your progress. Learn how to limit them?

What is perfect pitch?

Perfect pitch is the ability to recognize, when listening to a sound, the corresponding musical notes without prior auditory reference. Do you have this ability?

What are the differences between an acoustic violin and an electric violin?

Many classical violinists ask us about the operation of an electric violin and the differences between classical violins and electric violins. So, we listed all differences between classical and electric violins.

Taking a plane with a violin

You need to fly for a concert abroad? And you’re concerned about that long ride for your violin? You’re right, it’s always complicated to flight with a violin. We listed here all our tips and advises to take your violin in the cabin.

What is the purpose of applying rosin to your violin bow?

What is the purpose of applying rosin to your violin bow? and how to apply violin rosin on your bow?

Why should musical instruments be tuned up to A?

All music instruments are tuned to A. But, how did A become the norm for tuning up instruments?

TED: Lead like the great conductors by Itay Talgam

Few months ago, we watched this TED video by Itay Talgam about management of an orchestra by different conductors, and their ways to manage it and express their feelings in…