Concert high-end electric violin

One Sound

Accuracy of the audio spectrum

Printed as a single piece, the 3Dvarius violin departs from traditional musical instrument production technology. This particularity ensures a perfect accuracy of the audio spectrum and a total respect of the musician’s emotion. Its sound sensors, located under each string, were carefully selected to accurately translate the sound frequencies.

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The playing comfort

The feel of the classical violin

In order to offer a maximal playing comfort, the weight distribution was optimized to re-create the comfort of a classical violin.

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Switch easily
from one to the other

The 3Dvarius was designed to facilitate the transition for all violinists from a classical violin to the 3Dvarius. Its dimensions can be customized and adapted to any morphology.

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Your music is unique
Your violin also

Each part can be personalized to allow you create your own 3Dvarius, your unique violin. Engrave a personal message, give it the name it deserves, select your bridge and tuning pegs… Create your OWN 3Dvarius.

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Clarity of sound

The 3Dvarius is hand-crafted entirely in France to create a violin of perfect quality. It takes several hundred hours of painstaking work to get this transparent and refined design. Combining the precision and power of 3D-printing with ancient violin-making skills, its innovative design, in the service of violinist, marks a further step toward the perfect symbiosis between musician and instrument.

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Express your creativity in all music styles

4-string or 5-string

The 3Dvarius is available in 4-string or 5-string. Customizable and universal, the 3Dvarius gives a great freedom of movements and the possibility to play all music styles: rock, jazz, pop, country, heavy metal, etc. in small concert halls as well as large stages.

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3Dvarius lineup

Which 3Dvarius would you want?

The 3Dvarius is available in different versions:
> The Original 3Dvarius (4-string)
> The Customized 3Dvarius (4-string)
> The 3Dvarius 5 (5-string)
> The Customized 3Dvarius 5 (5-string)

The Original 3Dvarius
$6999All taxes included
  • 4-string
  • Based on a Stradivarius model
  • Chrome-plated tuning pegs
  • French music definition engraved on the body
The Customized 3Dvarius
Starting from $7048All taxes included
  • 4-string
  • Based on your classical violin +$499
  • Select your tuning pegs +$49
  • Personalized its engraved text (+$499) and/or name (+$49)
The 3Dvarius 5
$7499All taxes included
  • 5-string
  • Used the best measurements for 5-string violin
  • Chrome-plated tuning pegs
  • French definition of Ptolemy’s intense diatonic scale engraved on the body
The Customized 3Dvarius 5
Starting from $7548All taxes included
  • 5-string
  • Based on your classical violin +$499
  • Select your tuning pegs +$49
  • Personalized its engraved text (+$499) and/or name (+$49)

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