3Dvarius 5 // 5-string

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Increase your music playing

Le 3Dvarius 5 combines precision, power and optimal control of the sound in preserving the inimitable comfort of the best classical violins.

“The more innovative electric violin of its generation”

$6,499 $7,499
Pre order now your 3Dvarius 5 at the starting price of 6,499 USD and secure the priority for taking delivery of your 3Dvarius 5.

Production begins mid 2017.
Delivery estimate for new reservations will be communicated by email.

Increase your musical repertory

The 3Dvarius 5 keeps the same features than the 3Dvarius 4.
With its 5-string, musical possibilities are strongly increased and one new musical universe can be played.
The C string, that we can find on violas, is added to the 4 previous strings to increase your musical repertory.


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