One ForStrings 5T Stage

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The One ForStrings 5T amplifier is an amplifier for bowed string instruments (violin, viola and cello) and acoustic guitars. It has two separate inputs for musical instruments and an XLR microphone input. The sound is adjustable on each channel thanks to its several knobs for volume, EQ (high, medium and low frequencies) and effect (reverb). The amplifier also has an AUX IN input for connecting an external device (phone, tablet, etc.) and playing a backing track.

The frequency range covered by this amplifier is ideal for 4-string or extended range violins, violas and cellos. It is suitable for both acoustic and electric instruments.

One ForStrings 5T Stage

789,00  657,50  exc. tax

Out of stock

Frequent Asked Questions

How much power do I need?

It depends on what you want to do. If your goal is to have an amp to play and rehearse on your own at home, the ACUS Oneforstrings 5T or Oneforstrings 6T will be enough for your needs. If you want to use the amplifier for concerts or as a monitor on stage, the Oneforstrings 6T or Oneforstrings 8 will match your needs.

Who is behind the brand ACUS?

ACUS is an Italian company based in Recanati in central Italy. It manufactures all of its amplifiers in Italy, relying on its know-how and experience of over 40 years. ACUS designs amplifiers specifically for acoustic instruments (guitar and bowed string instruments).
Their Oneforstrings series has an excellent sound and a unique design. Their goal is to offer an amp suitable for independent musicians (instrument + voice), featuring multiple input channels and advanced frequency management for each channel. The sound delivered stays true to the instrument being played regardless of the output level you choose.

Why does this amplifier have a tilted back panel?

This unusual shape is ideal for tilting the amp when playing standing up and using it as a monitor. By tilting the amp up slightly, the sound is redirected to your ears. We have detailed the advantages of this type of amp in this article: What stage monitor is best for a musician?

The electrical plug of the amp I got is type E and does not fit the sockets in my country

All the ACUS amplifiers we sell are acquired in Europe and have the type E power plug that is used in many European, Asian and South American countries. Since we are based in France, our products are equipped with the plug of our home country and are suitable for 220V and 50Hz.
However, ACUS amplifiers also work with the North American standard of 120V and 60Hz. For your amplifier to work, simply replace the original cable with an equivalent cable that uses the electrical plug appropriate for your country of residence.

I would like to get some help to choose the right amplifier

Please contact us and we will help you choose the right amp for your needs.

Amp Acus One ForStrings 5T Stage
Frequency response 50Hz – 20kHz
Max power out 75W
Channels 3 independent channels
Channel 1 for music instrument (LINE IN) or for microphone (MIC)
Channel 2 for music instrument (LINE IN)
Aux channel (AUX IN) for external devices
Woofer power and size 50W – 5″
Tweeter power 25W
Settings per channel and other input/output 3-band EQ (high, mid, low), gain / volume and effect (reverb) per channel (1 and 2)
Controller for the master volume
Controller for the volume aux channel (AUX IN)
Ground lift switch (GND LIFT) Yes
Battery operation No
Dimensions (W x H x D) 30,5 x 25,5 x 26,5cm
Weight 7kg
Shape Rectangular with a tilt function to tilt the amp
Warranty 2-year warranty by Acus

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