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X Pickup

From 219,00 

Our X pickups by 3Dvarius are passive. They used one sensor per string in order to ensure a perfect accuracy of the audio spectrum on each string. They are available in 4 string or 5 string.

X pickups are enough reactive and powerful to avoid the utilisation of an internal preamp. They do not use a battery. They deliver a powerful sound, free of parasites and preventing feedback. Each sensor is tested individually to get an equilibrate sound.

X pickups sold on our website use measurements of classical bridges. Each violinist is able to adapt it on his violin by sanding the base of the pickup.

If you are using already one of our electric violins, please contact us to receive a pickup respecting precisely our recommended string height.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the X pickup produce a good-quality sound?

The X pickup features one sensor per string which makes it extremely responsive and powerful. No pre amp is needed to get a powerful sound. It is also very sensitivity on each string.

With which violins can the pickup X be used?

This pickup is compatible with any 4/4 violin, especially electric violins with a solid body. The curvature of the 4-string version is identical to the curvature traditionally used on acoustic violin bridges.

How do I install the pickup on my violin?

Installing the pickup requires two solder points using a small soldering iron to connect the pickup to your instrument. If you do not have the necessary knowledge for this installation, a violin or guitar luthier can install the pickup on your violin.

Should the pickup be adapted to its reception?

The basic size of the pickup is modeled after that of a classic violin bridge. As when installing a new bridge, it is necessary to adapt it to your instrument and then to your playing comfort.

Name X pickup
Type Permanent passive transducer bridge
Number of strings 4-string, 5-string or 6-string
Technology Piezoelectric with one sensor per string
Material Resin

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