Horizon electric cello

Horizon is an electric cello based on the classical shape of an acoustic cello and inspired by our Equinox electric violin design.


Our electric cello was redesigned and refined to obtain a light and easy to transport instrument.

Its body is created in one single piece of ash wood. This particularity ensures the most perfect accuracy of the audio spectrum. It allows for smooth, optimal sound-wave flow throughout the instrument. The weight distribution was calculated to reduce its final weight compared to an acoustic cello.


The making process of this electric cello was done in partnership with many professional cellists from different musical backgrounds. Our main goal was to reach a true ergonomy and an optimal playing comfort. Only the more important elements of the cello were kept, in order to create an electric instrument lighter than an acoustic one.

The tuning is made easy by the use of bass tuning pegs. These pegs have a mechanical resistance to prevent going out of tune.

Tripod or Strap system or Endpin System

Our Horizon electric cello can be played seated or standing. We made 3 different interchangeable support systems for all musicians’ needs.

The cello can be placed on its tripod, on an endpin system or with our strap system, allowing the cellist to move freely. The cellist can adapt each support to his needs with the help of a lockable 360° ball joint. The cello is inserted on this ball joint. It offers any inclination of the cello in three axes of rotation.

The fastening is identical for each interchangeable system. The musician can interchange the tripod with the strap system support in a few seconds with a simple and fast clip system.

These two systems are one of the main advantages of this electric cello. With its many adjustments, it is suited to all morphologies. The cellist can select the stand of his choice. The cello will be delivered with the selected accessory: endpin system or harness (strap system) or tripod.


The Horizon electric cello is equipped with our own passive piezoelectric pickup, using one sensor per string. It delivers a clear and powerful sound while preserving many dynamics. The pickup prevents feedback and is free of extraneous noises.

Made in France

All our instruments, including this electric cello, are made in France. The production is done in the Occitanie region between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees mountains. The raw materials, like the ash, are from France too.




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Number of strings 4-string
Bridge Bridge made by 3Dvarius
Pickup Piezo-electric pickup using one sensor per string
Tuning pegs From basses
Strings Ball-end strings for cello
Connector & control Passive jack output
Volume button
Dimensions 940 x 160 x 120 mm
Weight 1,5 kg
Accessories Tripod, strap system, endpin system (one choice is included)
case (included)
Recommendations Use of an angle-jack cable

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