Essential Pack for Ampero & Ampero One

59,00  49,17  exc. tax

This essential collection contains 24 presets in order to produce different sounds with your violin or your viola by using the Hotone Ampero or Hotone Ampero One processors. It includes a variety of effects including saturation (distorsion, fuzz, overdrive), ambient (harmonizer, octaver, phaser and more), classic sounds with reverb and delay and even 4 Impulse Response files.

This pack of presets is compatible with the Hotone Ampero (minimum firmware version V3.4) and the Hotone Ampero One (minimum firmware version 1.0). Please check the firmware of your unit before buying it. It’s not working with special editions of the Hotone Ampero.

Essential Pack for Ampero & Ampero One

59,00  49,17  exc. tax

Frequent Asked Questions

What happens after payment and how do I get the presets?

You will get immediate access to download the presets set that you bought. You will be directed to the page where you can download them. Otherwise, if you look under the ‘My Account’ page on our website and sign in, there will be a list of your orders. Click on the presets pack to begin downloading.

With what processor are working these presets?

This presets pack is working with Ampero and Ampero One processors made by Hotone. The pack has been tested on all firmwares since the versions V1.0 (Ampero One) and the V3.4 (Ampero). Careful, it is not working with special Ampero versions.

Can I use these presets on Mac OS and Windows?

Yes, you can download the presets by using the Ampero Editor software which is available for PC and MacOS. You will have to download it on the Hotone website.

After downloading, I do not find preset files?

The presets files are in a zip archive. After downloading, you need to uncompress (unzip) downloaded files.

How to import presets into my Ampero or my Ampero One?

By using the Ampero Editor software. It is available freely on the Hotone website. Visit it to download it, then install it on your computer. Once installed, please read the PDF included with the presets.

The presets are not compatible with my current firmware

We are providing presets compatible with the last firmware of your multieffects processor. Please update its firmware by following advises from Hotone.

Do you offer trial versions of presets?

We do not offer trial versions.

Do you offer refunds?

Presets are downloadable digital products, that’s why we do not offer refunds for these products.

Presets list

  • P01 – 1 3Dv Irish
  • P01 – 2 3Dv Bass
  • P01 – 3 3Dv Oriental
  • P02 – 1 3Dv Harm Min
  • P02 – 2 3Dv Harm Maj
  • P02 – 3 3Dv Space Octaver
  • P03 – 1 3Dv Twirl
  • P03 – 2 3Dv Liquid
  • P03 – 3 3Dv Classic IR1 Vln
  • P04 – 1 3Dv Classic IR2 Vln
  • P04 – 2 3Dv Classic IR3 Vln
  • P04 – 3 3Dv Classic IR4 Vla
  • P05 – 1 3Dv Auto Wah
  • P05 – 2 3Dv Organ
  • P05 – 3 3Dv Gypsy
  • P06 – 1 3Dv Boost Solo
  • P06 – 2 3Dv Narita Disto
  • P06 – 3 3Dv Gentle Disto
  • P07 – 1 3Dv ZZ’s Garage
  • P07 – 2 3Dv Fuzzy Bass
  • P07 – 3 3Dv Myst
  • P08 – 1 3Dv Hummin’
  • P08 – 2 3Dv Acoustic
  • P08 – 3 3Dv Pure

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