Violin covers

Violins covers are musical arrangements of famous songs, or cover of famous songs done on violin. Watch violin covers created by our Ambassadors. They are musical duets or soloist performances using our electric violins.

[Violin Cover] Zelda Medley

For all fans of Zelda, this famous video game on Nintendo, we created a Zelda Medley with our electric violin.

[Violin Cover] With or Without You by U2

This is our last video on the famous song With or Without You by U2. The violin arrangements are signed by Laurent Bernadac.

[Violin Cover] Malikasaw feat Sangpuy

In November, we were in Taiwan to present the 3Dvarius during the DOIT Taiwan. In the meantime, we met Sangpuy, a Taiwanese and aboriginal singer, and Jerry, his artistic agent.…

[Violin Cover] The X-Files Violin Cover

The X-Files is back with a new season of 6 episodes of the 90’s famous serie. We grew up with X-Files, and we were so excited by the return of…

[Violin Cover] Star Wars Violin Cover

Our violin cover of the famous saga movies: Star Wars. This medley of Star Wars songs includes the Star Wars Main Theme and the Imperial March (Vador’s Theme).

[Violin Cover] The James Iron Bond Theme

Our new video is a cover of the classical James Bond theme by Laurent Bernadac and the 3Dvarius. But this time, we have a special guest: Dominique Courbin from Limbitless…

[Violin Cover] Michael Jackson Mashup

Our last violin cover is a Michael Jackson Mashup recorded by Laurent Bernadac with the 3Dvarius. This video was captured in Taipei, Taiwan during our trip to present the 3Dvarius…

[Violin Cover] ‘3Dvarius VS Stradivarius’

Last September, we recorded a video in the Roman Theatre of Orange in France. This video is a musical duel and duet called ‘3Dvarius VS Stradivarius’ with 2 violinists: Pauline…