Atsuhiro Oshiro a Japanese violinist

Atsuhiro Oshiro

Atsuhiro Oshiro was born in Okinawa, Japan and he is a pioneer performing violinist for the 6-string electric violin in Japan. He is also a composer and loop artist, known for playing a wide range of genres on his violin. He continues to make his own modifications to the electric violins, striving to achieve the sound he wants. As well, he designed and obtained a patent for an original violin shoulder rest.

Although there is a wealth of folk music from Okinawa, there was originally very little written for instruments. When Atsuhiro was young, his grandmother once told him, “The violin really suits Ryukyuish (old Okinawan) music!” Believing in those words, he set out on an unknown path to create a new genre, Ryukyuish Violin.

He is honored to be the first Ambassador of the 6-string Equinox violin by 3Dvarius.

Plays his 6 string Equinox