Viva Technology

François Hollande au Viva Technology

At the end of June, we were invited to this new European event organized in Paris – the Viva Technology.

Viva Technology brings together over 30,000 startup, business and opinion leaders along with investors and researchers to explore how digital transformation and entrepreneurship is reshaping the global models for major industries including retail and customer experience.

Few numbers about the Viva Technology

  • 45,000 visitors in 3 days
  • + de 10 millions distributed to startups
  • 300 speeches and presentations
  • 5,000 exhibiting startups
  • And a lot of VIP visits as the French President, M. François Hollande, and his French Minister in charge of startups, Mme Axelle Lemaire. They did a stop to our stand to discover the 3Dvarius

All these numbers have been done by the organizator.

Our numbers

  • A demonstration for the French President, François Hollande and his French Minister
  • 2,500 speeches and musical demonstration to present the 3Dvarius! Ok, we put 2,500 because we haven’t the right number but keep in mind that it was a lot of demonstrations!!
  • More than 50 tests of 3Dvarius by begineers and experts violinists!
  • 7 members of our Founding Family came to speak with us!
  • A lot of interviews for reporters from the entire world: China, France, Israel, the USA, Maroc, Spain, etc.
  • TV reports and interviews broadcasted in primetime on few TV channels as TF1, France 2 or M6.
  • A lot of live videos broadcasted on YouTube, Twitter and Periscope
  • 73 visit cards and at least 350 distributed flyers
  • And one important thing: 17 coffees and 4 cookies 😉

Few pictures took during the Viva Technology

And here few videos and TV reports presenting the 3Dvarius, our 3D printed and electric violin.
TV report broadcasted on TF1 by F. Collaro (at the beginning of the video)

TV report broadcasted on France 24 by Guillaume Grallet (at 5:50)

Video by the 3Dnatives team, a French blog spe cialized in 3D-printing

Video by Joanne Tech Lover (at 1:28)

Special thanks to Alex from 3Dnatives, the Effervescence team and Elodie G., Julie R. et Elodie LR. from Viva Technology.