[How To Play] Hello – Adele

Hello is probably the most famous song by Adele, and was released on October 2015 as the lead single from her third album: 25. Upon release, the song was well received by international music critics, who compared it favourably to Adele’s previous work and praised the song’s lyrics and Adele’s vocals.

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Music video: Hello

The accompanying music video for Hello was directed by actor and director Xavier Dolan (from Quebec). The concept of the video revolves around a recently broken-up woman calling a younger version of herself. The sepia toned video shows Tristan Wilds and Adele performing the song in a small house and outside in a wooded forest, intercut with scenes of her making a tearful phone call and flashbacks to a past relationship with Wilds’ character.

On our side, we liked this small video using Hello by Adele and the one of Lionel Richie. 🙂

Source: Wikipedia.