[How To Play] Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson

Smooth Criminal is a song by Michael Jackson from his album Bad published in 1987. The song serves as the theme song to Jackson’s 1988 film Moonwalker.

We received so many requests for this song of Michael Jackson, the tutorial is now here! Let’s practice! You may be interested by violin tutorials of Bad and Thriller, and inspired by our Michael Jackson violin cover.

Official music video: Smooth Criminal

In the music video, Michael Jackson and the dancers immediately around him perform a seemingly impossible forward lean; this illusion was created using strings and wires in the music video. But to accomplish this manoeuvre in live shows, the system is quite different. A hitching mechanism which Jackson co-patented was built into the floor of the stage and the performers’ shoes, thereby allowing performers to lean without needing to keep their centers of mass directly over their feet.

Source: Wikipedia