[Violin Cover] Malikasaw feat Sangpuy

Sangpuy and Laurent Bernadac

In November, we were in Taiwan to present the 3Dvarius during the DOIT Taiwan. In the meantime, we met Sangpuy, a Taiwanese and aboriginal singer, and Jerry, his artistic agent. After few minutes of discussion, we decided to create a small musical duet on Malikasaw, a famous song of Sangpuy.

This is the result of our musical collaboration on the Malikasaw song.

We recorded this video in a different way than usually… The Malikasaw song was already recorded by Sangpuy (and is available on his Dalan album), but we hadn’t the time to record the violin part in a music studio. So Laurent created his musical part on a paper, memorized it for the video capture in Taiwan. Then we recorded it in France and realized the final mixing.

Who is Sangpuy?

Sangpuy - DalanBringing back the traditional music of the aborigines of Taiwan, Sangpuy’s music presentation creates a quiet spiritual atmosphere evoking the blessings of ancestors and the origins of life and he sings in praise of ancient ceremonies from a time when the gods of the natural world were respected.

Sangpuy imagines his music as a medium for preserving and promoting his tribe’s culture and that is especially so when he performs at music festivals and other events in different countries. He has performed at the Rainforest World Music Festival in Borneo or the Riddu Riđđu Music Festival in Norway. He also won a Taiwanese price as the best aboriginal singer.

His first album Dalan released in Nov. 2012, contains 13 singles, some are traditional music and other are personal compositions but their theme still evokes earth, life and relationship with ancient spirits.

To know more about Sangpuy, you can visit his Facebook page.

See below some pictures of Sangpuy and Laurent.

A big thanks to Sangpuy and Jerry, we loved the fish restaurant on the beach 😉

Sources: Sangpuy Facebook and The BorneoPostOnline.

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