The NAMM Show 2018

The NAMM Show 2018

We leave France in few days to attend to the NAMM Show 2018 in California. This year, we come to present 3 new electric violins: the LINE, the EQUINOX and the 5-string 3Dvarius.

Where to find us? Hall B – Booth 8951


Inspired of the 3Dvarius design, the LINE was simplified for a perfect adaptation to its new material: wood.

Its body is composed of these two woods (beech and sipo) organized in parallel lines, and oriented in the exact direction of the sound-waves running through the instrument when played. It uses our “S Pickup”, delivering a clear sound and free of parasites.

Pre order price from: 999 €, including one violin case.

>> More information about the LINE


The EQUINOX is the perfect harmony of many materials and technologies: 3D-printed resin, wood and aluminum.

Like the 3Dvarius, its central wood body is created in one single piece. This particularity ensures a perfect accuracy of the audio spectrum. It allows for smooth, optimal sound-wave flow throughout the instrument. It is equiped by our “X Piezoelectric Pickup” delivering a powerful sound and preventing feedback.

Pre order price from : 2249 €

>> More information about the EQUINOX

The 3Dvarius 5

You knew already the 4-string 3Dvarius, this is its 5-string version. We create in partnership with some violinists in order to select the best lengths, heights and spaces for its parts: neck, pickup, strings, etc.

Already available: 7499 €, including one hard violin case and accessories.

>> More information about the 3Dvarius 5