The idea

How was the 3Dvarius project born?

The 3Dvarius was born digitally in 2012, in Laurent Bernadac‘s mind, the violinist and engineer who conceived it. Laurent wanted to create an electric violin which could fulfill all the needs of a classical musician.

His first idea was to create a violin in aluminum but the aluminum is a hard material to transform. A first prototype saw the day at the beginning of 2013, entirely hand-crafted by a stringed instrument maker, in transparent polycarbonate.

But this violin was too heavy and thus hardly playable. Laurent continued working on developping and improving his violin: better design, weight reduction, smoother sound-wave flow, and refined curves. All this to achieve his original goal which was…

…to create an electric violin in perfect symbiosis with the musician

In 2015, listening to the advice of a friend, Géraldine Puel, who brought her talents to this project, Laurent finished his second prototype, fully created with 3D-printing technology, in a subcontractor workshop situated in South of France.

In June 2016, and after a successful Kickstarter campaign, latest studies and searches were done in order to finalize the prototype. Few months later, the 3Dvarius became a reality! It is now available in 4-string and 5-string versions.

How is the 3Dvarius made?

In 2018, two new electric violins completed the 3Dvarius Electric Violins Family: the Line and the Equinox. Their bodies are made in wood, but some parts are still 3D-printed.

Discover their production process

3Dvarius 3d-printed violin