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The great history of the electric violin

Who invented the electric violin? That is a great question!
Although the acoustic violin was born in 1520 around Milano, in Italy, the electric violin was probably born much later!

[Violin Cover] Don’t Be So Shy – Imany

We shot a new video in our vineyard region on the song Don’t Be So Shy by Imany.

[Violin Cover] Kashmir – Led Zeppelin

Discover our violin cover of Kashmir, one of the most famous song created by the rock band Led Zeppelin.

[Violin Cover] Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is back on TV and to celebrate the season 6, we created a ‘jazzy’ cover song of the Game of Thrones main theme.

[Violin Cover] Zelda Medley

For all fans of Zelda, this famous video game on Nintendo, we created a Zelda Medley with our electric violin.

[Violin Cover] With or Without You by U2

This is our last video on the famous song With or Without You by U2. The violin arrangements are signed by Laurent Bernadac.

[Violin Cover] The X-Files Violin Cover

The X-Files is back with a new season of 6 episodes of the 90’s famous serie. We grew up with X-Files, and we were so excited by the return of…

Video: Demonstration of the 3Dvarius

We created a musical demonstration to present the 3Dvarius. The 3Dvarius creator, Laurent Bernadac, is playing the 3Dvarius with his pedal boards (loopers and sound effects).