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[How To Play] Bad – Michael Jackson

Bad was created by Michael Jackson. It was released by Epic Records in 1987 as the second single from Jackson’s third major-label and seventh studio album of the same name.

[How To Play] Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

Bohemian Rhapsody is a song by the British rock band Queen. It was written by Freddie Mercury for the band’s 1975 album A Night at the Opera.

[How To Play] Hello – Adele

Hello is probably the most famous song by Adele, and was released on October 2015 as the lead single from her third album: 25. Upon release, the song was well…

[How To Play] I’m the One – DJ Khaled

I’m the One is a song written and performed by American musician DJ Khaled featured Justin Bieber and American rappers: Quavo, Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne. The song was…

How to transition from a 4-string to a 5-string violin?

The 5-string violin has one more string. This is the C string used generally on violas. You have doubts about 5-string violins? Discover all advantages of 5-string violins.

[How To Play] Thriller – Michael Jackson

This ‘How to Play in One Minute’ is dedicated to the song Thriller by Michael Jackson, extracted from the album of the same name.

The use of Denoiser for electric violin

The denoiser is an effect that helps detect, to then remove, background parasite noises.

[How To Play] Harry Potter – John Williams

This ‘How to Play in One Minute’ is dedicated to the Main Theme of Harry Potter by John Williams.