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Changing electric violin strings

As with any instrument, the strings of a violin wear out as time goes by. Learn how to identify a weird string and replace it by yourself.

Straightening the bridge

On a violin, the bridge is simply placed over the body of the instrument. It is held vertically by the tension of the strings. That is why, after changing the strings of your violin, it may tilt and will be no longer vertical in relation to the body of the violin. Learn how to straighten your violin bridge easily.

Electric Violin Buying Guide

An electric violin is certainly a violin, but its functioning can be a mystery to the uninitiated and beginners. We created this electric violin buying guide in order to help violinists in their first purchase. It is based on 5 questions and we’ll guide violinists in their choice in function of their needs.

Deal with interference in the audio signal

In the electric violin, as in any electrical or electro-acoustic instrument, disturbances of the sound spectrum may appear at different points in the sound chain. Discover our tips to limit larsen effect and disturbances.

Which single or multi-effects pedals should I choose for my electric violin?

Electric violin rhymes logically with sound transformation and therefore effects. Effects are created by single pedal effects or processor effects. We compared in this article the differences and advantages of them.

How to plug in and record an electric violin with a computer?

You are ready to create your own violin covers or compositions. But you don’t know how to record your electric violin with your computer. How to plug in and record an electric violin with a computer?

Why jump into the electric?

Why go to the electric violin? And what are the advantages of the electric violin? If you are a classical violinist, that might be a question you ask yourself. We listed here all advantages of electric violins!

How to connect an electric violin?

Connecting an electric violin and setting up the sound system are certainly one of the most frequently-asked questions by musicians venturing into the world of electric violins. Discover how to connect your electric violins to different sound systems like headphones, PA speakers, amp or pedal effects.