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[Violin Cover] Don’t Be So Shy – Imany

We shot a new video in our vineyard region on the song Don’t Be So Shy by Imany.

[Violin Cover] Coldplay medley

We realized a Coldplay Medley based on 3 of their most famous songs.

[Violin Cover] Canonic Sonata for two violins

New day, new video and this time, it’s a classical video on ‘Canonic Sonata for Two Violins in G major’.

[Violin Cover] Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is back on TV and to celebrate the season 6, we created a ‘jazzy’ cover song of the Game of Thrones main theme.

[Violin Cover] Zelda Medley

For all fans of Zelda, this famous video game on Nintendo, we created a Zelda Medley with our electric violin.

[Violin Cover] Malikasaw feat Sangpuy

In November, we were in Taiwan to present the 3Dvarius during the DOIT Taiwan. In the meantime, we met Sangpuy, a Taiwanese and aboriginal singer, and Jerry, his artistic agent.…

[Violin Cover] The X-Files Violin Cover

The X-Files is back with a new season of 6 episodes of the 90’s famous serie. We grew up with X-Files, and we were so excited by the return of…

[Violin Cover] Star Wars Violin Cover

Our violin cover of the famous saga movies: Star Wars. This medley of Star Wars songs includes the Star Wars Main Theme and the Imperial March (Vador’s Theme).