The Original Line


4, 5, 6 or 7 string Electric Violin

The passion of each musician is revealed in his wish to experience of new musical horizons, to develop his playing abilities and to perpetually create.
The 3Dvarius team conceived the Line Electric Violin for this purpose, in order to create an electric violin easy-to-handle.


The sound is the more important point of each musical instrument. It defines its soul, it is its core, it is the element which marks at once the instrumentalist and the public. For 3Dvarius, the emphasis is put on sound because each instrumentist should communicate his music with the best accuracy.
All the 3Dvarius experience and expertise were used to create the « S Pickup » which equips the Line. It delivers a clear and equilibrated sound, and free of parasites. The S pickup uses various sensors positioned under the strings. Sound level can be adjusted with a button.

Design & Shape

Inspired of the 3Dvarius design, the Line was simplified for a perfect adaptation to its new material: wood. It is a mix of two kinds of wood: beech and sipo.
Its body is composed of these two woods organized in parallel lines, and oriented in the exact direction of the sound-waves running through the instrument when played.
Beech and sipo woods are selected with care, then precisely shaped, before their perfect assembly in order to get this particular aspect called ‘rayé-centré’ (stripe-centered).

Strings number

The Line is available with 4, 5, 6 or 7 strings in natural wood body or a painted body (see the Colored Line). Each new string adds a new tone, thus a larger playing style.
A 4 string uses normal violin strings: G, D, A and E. A 5 string has the violin and the viola range. The fifth string is the same C string we can find on violas. So a 5 string electric violin uses from C to E string. 6 string electric violins use one more F string. It has 6 strings: F, C, G, D, A and E. And the 7-string use one more B flat.

The feel of the instrument

The weight distribution was analyzed to improve the playing comfort, especially when the violinist plays for a long time.
To facilitate the handling, it was important to preserve the basic elements which define a violin. Thus the left-support was preserved so that the violinist recalls his playing sensations, especially in the height positions.
Many processes and treatments are necessary to insure a perfect resistance to the Line, and the soft and pleasant feel of traditional violins.

Made In France

All our electric violins are made and assembled in our Occitanie region, France. Each instrument is crafted and verified from beginning to end by our team. They bring their expertise to control the final quality of each electric violin.

Our electric violins, including the Line, are two-year guarantee.

The Original Line


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the S pickup produce a good-quality sound?

The S pickup features various sensors positioned under the strings which makes it very responsive as well as powerful enough to eliminate the use of a preamp. The difference with the X pickup is in the number of sensors and their sensitivity.

Is it possible to customize a Line?

Please contact us by using our contact form and explain us what you would like. You can also visit our Custom Shop.

How do I clean my Line?

Use a standard microfiber cloth to remove any rosin dust or other residues. Do not apply any chemicals to your instrument as this may damage the varnish that protects it.

What strings do you put on the Line? And how to replace them?

We no longer mention any particular brand of strings because we rely on our distributor’s restocking. We generally use Thomastik, D’Addario or Prim strings. All ball-end violin strings are compatible with our electric violins. Be sure to check out our tutorial on how to replace your strings. And you can read our feedback on the different sets of strings we have tried with our instruments.

Is the bridge leaning, misplaced or tilted?

Please watch our tutorial video on how to properly straighten the bridge. Before you start, we recommend that you loosen the strings and apply a little bit of graphite pencil at the bottom of each slot maintaining the string aligned with the bridge. This will facilitate the straightening of the bridge and will keep your ropes from breaking.

What are the delivery times?

Generally, the Original Line can be send very quickly.
Delivery times vary from continent to continent. It takes about 3 to 4 days in Europe via carrier, between 5 and 7 days when shipping to North America, and more than 7 days for other continents.

Is there a left-handed Line?

Our violins are not adapted for left-handed people.

My electric violin is not exactly the same than on your pictures

Our electric violins are available for many years now. Like any luthier and maker, we are improving each violin model every year by replacing some material, trying new paints and finishes, etc. The wood color can be different too because it is not possible to get everytime the same wood provenance.

Jonathan H. Warren 🇺🇸

My Line from 3Dvarius is an eye-catching and ear-catching work of art! The S pickup that they have made for it is the most responsive and expressive pickup I have ever experienced on a violin! When it comes to the rhythm techniques I use like chopping and strumbowing, I need that sensitivity to keep my grooves as lively and dynamic as possible. I’m definitely hooked!

Giovanni de Rossi 🇮🇹

The Line combines playability and comfort with the feel of a classical instrument, and retains the very high sound quality of an electric instrument. All the reviews on our site come from verified buyers who play one or more of our electric violins.

Céline Antoine 🇫🇷

I’m a violinist for several years, I acquired the Line 5 strings from 3Dvarius a few years ago. I was first impressed by its design, its light weight (quite exceptional for an electric violin) and above all by the perfect reproduction of sound thanks to its sensors on each string. Everything is of quality in this electric violin, designed by an enthusiast. I am enthralled!

Kostia (Lukyniuk) Violin 🇺🇸 🇺🇦

My 3Dvarius Line is a unique instrument that always amazes my audience with the quality of sound and it’s modern design! The pickup has a separate slot for each string, which enables it to have an even response across the whole range of the instrument (it is especially great for 5 and 6 string models). The design not only looks great but also is very sturdy and the pickup guard makes it highly durable for any performance conditions. Overall the violin feels light and is very easy to play. I definitely recommend investing into one!

Eduardo Bortolotti 🇲🇽 🇵🇱

I’m really glad with the sound of my 6 string Line. That extended range allows me to play in a low range without using any additional effect (octaver) which is great for playing harmonies and bass lines while creating loops. Besides that I love the clean sound of the transducers, one per string, inside this incredible passive pickup!. For me this model was the perfect combination of a traditional wood instrument with new technologies.

Julia Tang 🇨🇳

The Line is so charming and beautiful in modern aesthetic! And it’s designed to be light and handy. I love it!

All the reviews on our site come from verified buyers who play one or more of our electric violins. Some reviews were translated from violinist native language to relevant language in order to ensure your understanding.

Number of strings 4-string, 5-string, 6-string or 7-string
Body Beech and sipo (Original Line)
Bridge S Pickup by 3Dvarius
Pickup Piezo-electric pickup using various sensors
Strings Ball-end strings for violin
Tuning pegs From guitars (chrome-plated)
Connector & control Volume control (black)
Passive jack output (black)
Dimensions 520 x 220 x 120 mm
Weight Approximately 500 g (4-string), approximately 540 g (5-string), approximately 640 g (6-string), approximately 670 g (6-string)
Accessory in option 3Dvarius violin case
Advises Use of an angle-jack cable to plug the violin
Customization Please contact us if you would something specific.

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