Hotone Ampero One

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Multi effects processor

The small brother of the Ampero multi effects processor by Hotone.

The Ampero One is a small multi effects processor. It includes our specific effects for electric violins and electric violas.

These violin/viola effects are available only on Ampero One ordered on our website.

15 effects for electric violins and electric violas included

Effects processors are not made for electric violins but for electric or acoustic guitars. Their included effects chains are not adapted to electric violins. That’s why, we created 15 effects adapted exclusively to electric violins and violas!

These effects are already integrated in the Hotone Ampero One pedalboard that you’ll receive.

Included effects: Irish sound, bass, octaver, distortion, acoustic sound (with/without Impulse Response), overdrive, wah and more.

Effects modelisation

The multi effects processor Hotone Ampero One contains 242 effects, 64 amp models, 60 cab models and more than 100 pedal models. Like the Ampero, it can handle up to 9 effect modules simultaneously for the best authentic stereo effect processing experience. FX chains can be updated directly on the pedalboard menu or by using a computer and the manufacturer software Ampero Editor (available for Mac and PC).

Our 15 effects for electric violins and violas can be edited and duplicated to create your own new FX chains!

Impulse Response

Impulse Response effects are very important for electric bowed string instruments. Today, it is the best option to create the more acoustic and natural sound on an electric instrument.

3 of our presets use classical violins and violas Impulse Response files for a better acoustic sound.

In the Ampero One, you can download your custom IR or third-party IR files by using the manufacturer software Ampero Editor.

Setup Examples

The Ampero is designed to be very simple. It can be connected to DI, amps, headphones, computer and more by using jack outputs. The diagram is an example; all devices are not compulsories to use an Ampero One. You can connect it simply to an amplifier.

Be careful, the Ampero One do not have balanced outputs (TRS – XLR), ground lift switch and does not support MIDI.

Hotone Ampero One

279,00  232,50  exc. tax

1 in stock

Frequently Asked Questions

What effects are integrated in the Ampero One?

The Hotone Ampero One processors sold by 3Dvarius offer all 15 effects listed below:

  • Irish (with/without wah)
  • Bass
  • Oriental
  • Harm Min
  • Harm Maj
  • Space Octaver
  • Classic IR1 Vln (violin Impulse Response)
  • Classic IR2 Vln (violin Impulse Response)
  • Classic IR4 Vla (viola Impulse Response)
  • Auto Wah
  • Gypsy
  • Boost Solo
  • Gentle Disto
  • ZZ’s Garage
  • Fuzzy Bass
  • Pure

What does the Ampero One’s box include?

The Hotone Ampero comes with its own AC adapter, an E-type power cable and a USB cable for connecting the device to a computer.

The plug I received is a type E?

Every Ampero One model we sell uses the type E plugs that are used in many European, Asian and South American countries. We are headquartered in France, so our products are equipped with the plugs from our home country. However, it is perfectly possible for you to use your country’s type of plug. Simply replace the original cable with an equivalent cable equipped with the same plug found in your country of residence.

I accidentally erased all the effects?

We recommend that you always have a backup of your effects patches. If you have erased them, contact us so that we can help you restore the original settings. Please note that we can’t recover the effects you created or the settings you applied to the existing effects.

My Ampero One is not recognized by the Ampero Editor software?

First check the firmware version installed on your Ampero. You will find it in the Global menu. Then download and install the appropriate version of Ampero Editor software for your Ampero firmware version on your computer.

Ampero One are updated very often by Hotone, the manufacturer, and new firmware is released on a regular basis. The Ampero Editor software is also updated frequently.

Where can I download the Ampero Editor software?

Go to the Ampero One processor page on Hotone’s website. The software download links are located at the bottom of the page. Before downloading the software, check the compatibility between the software version and the firmware of your multi-effects.

Can I update my Hotone processor?

Yes. To be safe, first make a backup of your Hotone configuration and effects. Then, download the latest firmware available on Hotone’s website following the manufacturer’s instructions.

I bought the Ampero One from another site and it doesn’t include your effects.

Ampero One multi-effect processors offered by other stores do not include our electric violin and viola effects. Hotone only produces multi-effects processors for guitarists. We have chosen to create and add our own effects to meet the needs of many violinists. However, Hotone does not distribute our own effects through its factory models.

Can I buy only your effects?

We do not have permission to sell only our effects.

Manufacturer & Model Hotone Ampero One
Effects processor Modelling Dual-DSP effects processor for up to 9 simultaneous effects
Effects & Modelisation 242 – Max. 9 simultaneously
64 amp models
60 cab models
More than 100 pedal models
3Dvarius Patches 15 patches for electric violins or violas
Inputs Instrument Input (TS) – 1 x 6.35mm (1/4″) jack
AUX IN stereo input – 1 x 3.5mm (1/8″) jack
EXP Input (TRS) – 1 x 6.35mm (1/4″) jack
Outputs Unbalanced stereo output (TS) – 2 x 6.35mm (1/4″) jack
Headphones stereo output – 1 x 3.5mm (1/8″) jack
Pedalboard 3 x footswitches (footswitch control: patch select)
1 x Expression pedal
3rd Party IR Support Yes – 10 Max. of 3rd Party IRs
IR processing – 24-bit, 44,1kHz, 1024 points
Looper Integrated looper with 100 seconds recording time
USB USB type-B port with USB audio support
To connect to your computer by using Ampero Editor software (PC, Mac)
Screen 4″ 800*480 LCD touch screen
Power requirement 9V DC 500mA (included) – Battery operation is not supported
Dimensions 273mm x 143mm x 51mm
Weight 1,2kg

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