Kickstarter: Select a special song

As promised and during our Kickstarter, our community will be invited to help us in the selection of some gifts, music and more.
Today, we need you to select one special song for the future Laurent Bernadac’s CD. This CD will contain some existing covers (already available on Youtube), and some special cover songs.

We received a lot of emails from people asking for the arrangement of some specific songs. We have selected the most requested songs to facilitate your choice.

Of course, we let you the possibility to submit another song. If this song is finally one of the most submitted song, we will create its cover 🙂

To participate, you just need to submit the form next to this paragraph.

The vote is now closed!

Oooh you don’t remember these 3 songs… No problem, we found the live or video clip for you 😉

Nirvana – Smells like a spirit

AC/DC – Thunderstruck

AC/DC – Highway to hell