We’ll be the next 16th, 17th and 18th of October at ‘Maker Faire Rome’ to present for the first time the 3Dvarius in Italy. We’ll be performing in a new…

In September 2015, we were in London to record El Hormiguero, a famous Spanish TV show, with Hugh Jackman. El Hormiguero is hosted and produced by Pablo Motos. Hugh Jackman…

Are you interested in the 3Dvarius? Want to buy one for yourself or a friend?

Discover the new violin cover realized by Laurent Bernadac with the 3Dvarius on I Really Like You by Carly Rae Jepsen.

We’re really happy to see your interest for the 3Dvarius violin. Thanks you everyone for sharing it! Please let us your email address and we’ll come back to you.

We created a musical demonstration to present the 3Dvarius. The 3Dvarius creator, Laurent Bernadac, is playing the 3Dvarius with his pedal boards (loopers and sound effects).

Discover in video the making of the first fully playable 3D printed violin.

Welcome on our website about this new project called: 3Dvarius, a new and unique playable 3D-printed violin. You will find here the continuation of our new adventures. See you soon!