Our Kickstarter is a success!!

After 30 days, our crowdfunding campaign is done and reached his goal. The Kickstarter campaign is a success for the future developments of 3Dvarius.

Video: Coldplay medley

We realized a Coldplay Medley based on 3 of their most famous songs.

Video: Kashmir – Led Zeppelin

Discover our cover of Kashmir, one of the most famous song created by Led Zeppelin.

The 3Dvarius is available NOW on Kickstarter

Dear all, The 3Dvarius is ready for its first production and commercialization, and it’s NOW available on Kickstarter. Our crowdfunding campaign is opened on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter: Select your favorite tee-shirt

Our community is invited to help us in the selection of some gifts, music and more for our Kickstarter campaign. It’ll begin Wednesday, May 18th 2016. Today, we need you…

Our Kickstarter is coming!!

Dear community, After few months of searches, we’re ready to launch our crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform. What we’ve done so far is take our initial idea to the…

Video: Canonic Sonata for two violins

New day, new video and this is time, it’s a classical video on ‘Canonic Sonata for Two Violins in G major’.

Kickstarter: Select a special song

As promised and during our Kickstarter, our community will be invited to help us in the selection of some gifts, music and more. Today, we need you to select one…