Back from the DOIT Taiwan

The 3Dvarius team is back after a travel in Taiwan. We met a lot of interesting people and discover a lot of new projects.

We were invited to present the 3Dvarius during the DOIT Taiwan. If you would know more about this event, we invite you to read our previous article.

First, we would thank the entire DOIT team for their availability and professionalism. Special thanks to Flora, Michelle, Leo, Yogi and the DOIT team. See below some pics of the DOIT event.

The DOIT Taiwan allowed us to meet and discover a lot of people and projects. We will present you 2 interesting projects for which ones we participated a little bit the D-day of the event.

Limbitless Solutions and their bionic arms destinated to childrens
Limbitless Solutions is an american non-profit organization which make bionic arms and hands by using the 3D printing technology for childrens and at no cost to the family. Dominique Courbin was invited to present the Limbitless project where he is in charge of engineering. The project is explained in the following video when a little boy who was born with a partially developed right arm, receives directly from the hands of Robert Downey Jr, a new bionic ‘Iron Man’ arm.

Ochres Music and their saxophones using the 3D printing technology
And a Taiwanese project by the Ochres Music company which uses the 3D printing technology to improve the sound quality of their saxophones. Laurent realized a small improvisation with John, their saxophonist. See below a small extract of this musical improvisation.