Artist endorsement

Want to become a 3Dvarius Ambassador?

If you play our electric violins, or have tried one, or if you’re sure that our instruments are your favorites, you can apply to become one 3Dvarius Ambassador.

Please read our FAQ about endorsement below. It explains what does it mean to be a 3Dvarius Ambassador?

Then if you think you’re ready, fill and send this form to apply.

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What does it mean to be a 3Dvarius Ambassador?

Our 3Dvarius Ambassadors are part of our 3Dvarius family! You’re not really with us every day, but you’ll be part of the team. And you can count on us to provide you help and advises. You’re not just an artist, you become an Ambassador and you’ll represent our brand around the world through your music. We’ll work together to improve your career and our brand, and that’s why be part of our family is really important!

How do we select violinists?

To become a 3Dvarius Ambassador, it’s necessary that you have an established career in the music industry. You can be a famous violinist realizing concerts or a YouTuber by example. That means that violin is a real part of your life!

What can 3Dvarius offer?

3Dvarius Ambassadors have the privilege of getting discounts on 3Dvarius products, and others advantages like visibility, event entrances, advises, music networking, etc. We don’t offer electric violins.
They can participate sometimes to our events or external events. They can also be part of our R&D program, and can try our new products before their commercialization.

What don't we do for our 3Dvarius Ambassadors?

We don’t pay ambassadors to play our musical instruments. And we won’t replace your manager, your booking agency or any management service for artists and musicians. Sometimes, we can put in contact 3Dvarius Ambassadors with an event manager. We do our best to help them but we can’t replace an artist manager. All 3Dvarius Ambassadors must manage by themselves their music career.

What do we expect from our 3Dvarius Ambassadors?

A 3Dvarius Ambassador plays our instruments and of course enjoys them. He will share with us his news and updates: recordings, performances, media publications, videos, etc. He uses and promotes our products if given an opportunity during a video, recording, on his social medias, etc. He shares with us his advises and returns about our products, and he is part of our R&D program!