3Dvarius Ambassador: Laura Escudé

Laura Escudé

We’re really happy to present Laura Escudé as a new 3Dvarius Ambassador. She is joining our other Ambassadors!

Like Volt W. Jingjit and Daniela Padrón, we met Laura during our first NAMM Show! It was in 2017! She was looking for new devices and music instruments for her live performances. And she stopped by our booth to try the 3Dvarius.

She came again last year at the NAMM Show and tried the 5-string 3Dvarius. Now, she played her own personalized 5-string 3Dvarius.

She decided to not insert text on the 3Dvarius body. At the end, its design is really different!

Her name was engraved on the 3Dvarius side and she chose the most lighter tunings pegs of the market for a maximum playing comfort!

Who is Laura Escudé?

Artist & Violinist

Laura began playing classical violin at the age of 6! She followed classical music studies (violin lessons). Then, she played in a few classical orchestras, and finally she continued her musical studies in a Conservatory of Music. She began electronic music at the university!

As an artist, she released different albums under the name Alluxe, synthesizing her skills as violinist and electronic producer. She’s done official remixes for artists including M83, with her violin playing featured on albums by Jay Z and Kanye West and many more.

This video was recorded during her last Crystallize tour! She played her 3Dvarius, added few effects, recorded them with a looper then, she used loops in her electronic live songs.

Her last album Transmute is available for listening below. Don’t forget to listen all her albums on Spotify!

Laura Escudé is not only a violinist; she is also entrepreneuse, DJ and live show designer.

Live show designer

She is CEO and founder of Electronic Creatives. She managed a team of music producers, programmers, players, playback, audio & FX engineers. They are involved in every aspect of music production: sound design, creative show programming, live FX processing, advanced MIDI and instrument rigs, live performance and more.

Laura provides her music programming and DJ skills to use training operators for The Weeknd, Iggy Azalea and many more. She is also famous for her masterclasses and events about Ableton Live software!

What is a live show designer?

A live show designer manages all visual and/or sound production of live performances. He is involved before and the d-day of performances. He is in charge of videos, live projections, sound design, lights… associations with live music and stagecraft.

To know more about Laura, you can read this Forbes article or this Billboard article.

Sources & images: Amanda Smith, Laura Escudé, Instagram @mockturtleneck and 3Dvarius.